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Exercise Tips

Please view our range of exercise tips below.

Better Balance


Improving your leg strength will improve your balance


  • Use the Leg Press with a moderate to light weight
  • Push hard and fast to develop power, for 10 to 15 repetitions
  • Rest and repeat the movement using the same method
  • Use the same strategy on the calf raise to develop the muscles around the ankle
Purple Bike
Toning Hips Machine

Toning Hips


Improving the shape and tone of your inner and outer thighs and buttocks


  • Improving the shape and tone of your inner
    and outer thighs and buttocks
  • The addition of exercises to tighten your inner and outer thighs will create the perfect exercise package to get the hips in shape.
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Abdominal Crunch Machine

Flatest Tummy


Get rid of your jelly belly by using the abdominal crunch machine for a strong toned defined stomach


  • Use the abdominal crunch machine
  • Do 10–15 slow and controlled repetitions
  • EXTRA TIP—Always work opposing muscle groups, therefore use the back extension for 10-15 reps

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Shoulder Press Machine

Broad Shoulders


Nicely defined shoulders help to create a great hourglass look and in guys the nice 'V' shape from the waist


  • Combine the overhead press with the lateral raise for a great result
  • Do the overhead shoulder press first, followed by the lateral raise
  • Do 10–15 slow and controlled repetitions
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Treadmill machine

Burn Calories


Get a great body means burning calories, so don’t forget your cardiovascular workout


  • Try some walk-run intervals on the treadmill
  • Begin with a 4.0 mph walk for thirty seconds and then run for thirty seconds at a slightly more-than- comfortable pace
  • Or alternate back and forth for ten minutes for amazing results
  • If this is too challenging, then try setting the incline to 5-10% and walk briskly uphill without holding on for fifteen minutes
  • Your bottom, legs and calves will thank you
Purple Bike
Cybex Arc Trainer

Burn More Calories


More results in less time. Research shows that the Cybex Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical cross trainer tested

The science behind the Arc Trainer’s big calorie burn is the Arc motion. It engages the right muscles – Legs and Bottom – that demand lots of energy from the body when they are called upon to work. That means big calorie burn. And... because the Arc Trainer is demanding of the muscles – not the joints, it can be used longer without putting a strain on the knees, hip or back.


  • Try Quick Start, on one of the following programmes - Manual, Weight Loss, Cardio, Strength and Heart Rate Control;
  • You can control both incline and resistance
  • If this is too challenging, then try setting the ramp to Zero and Stride between 100 - 120 spm for ten minutes
Purple Bike
Arc Trainer

Workout Intensity


The human body is designed to work in short bursts. You can lose more weight, improve your cardiac function, and can even help modulate insulin levels when you perform brief, high intensity, exercise intervals


  • The next time you’re on a bike or Arc Trainer, try pushing really hard for 10 to 30 seconds and then go slow for the next minute
  • Try using the quick-start interval training programme for cardiovascular improvement
  • Alternatively, use the other versatile pre-programmed exercise programmes whilst using the hand sensors to work at your personal optimum heart rate (see heart rate range chart).
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