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Weight Loss
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Weight Loss

The diet and fitness world is well known for it's hard sell and over inflated promises, where incredible results are promised in next to no time. The extreme diets often pushed by unscrupulous 'fat loss gurus' are usually deficient in the healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins that your body needs to stay healthy and, ironically, these deficiencies prevent the body getting and staying lean. Extreme diets lead to fast reductions in muscle mass and interfere with the body's ability to burn fuels effectively, meaning that your body is a less efficient fat burning machine and as a result you're more liable to gain fat in the long run.

It's well known in the fitness industry that crash dieting is in fact one of the fastest
ways to gain fat mass over the long term.

The solution to the cycle of crash diets and weight gain is finding the right diet that supports health and is simple to follow, and then teaming it with effective training. We will motivate, guide and educate you to enable you to fully understand all aspects of your comprehensive personalised fitness programme. Each and every workout will be motivating, challenging and fun, exceeding your capabilities, building your confidence and achieving amazing results that extends beyond the mirror. More muscle means improved body shape – in both men and women – better health, more stable joints, and so on. Happily this increased muscle burns more fat, and the added strength it gives is the basis of increased fitness allowing you to work off body fat more easily and effectively.

Sensible Weight Loss

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Gradual weight loss is the only proven way to lose unwanted body fat and to keep it off. In general very low calorie diets do not work & fad diets that promise more than 1lb of fat loss per week do not work. Rapid weight loss due to very low calorie diets is usually in the form of lean tissue and water.

If the body does not get enough calories to meet its daily requirement it will keep hold of body fat (highest energy source in the body) and break down lean tissue to meet energy deficit. As lean tissue helps to keep your calorie expenditure high, if you then reduce your lean tissue you reduce the number of calories burned at rest. This then leads to large increases in weight when normal eating patterns are resumed.

Sensible weight loss should aim for a calorie deficit of 250-500 kcals per day to lose ½-1lb of fat per week. This can be achieved by reducing calorie intake (food) or by increasing calories burned (exercise) or by both (the best combination). Remember, physical activity promotes lean tissue, which increases Resting Metabolic Rate and hence the number of calories burned at rest.

Tips for Achieving Weight Loss

  • Eat sensibly. Ensure you get the right amount of nutrients by eating a wide range of Fresh fruit, and vegetables, lean meat, fish, bread etc.
  • Choose lower fat foods. Foods that are high in fat are generally high in calories (fat has approx. 9 calories per gram. regardless of its type. Carbohydrate & protein have approx. 4 calories per gram. Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram and is fattening!).
  • Don't skip meals. Your body operates on 24 hour basis, even when sleeping. It works best when fed regularly and with moderate amounts. Eating breakfast is the best way to start your day as this gets the metabolism kick started for the day.
  • Modify your cooking style. Grilling and baking meats allows more fat to drip off your meat. Steam vegetables. Remove the skin from poultry before cooking.
  • Eat Slowly. Give your body time to realise it has been fed (there is about a 20 minute delay between you being full and your brain telling you. Pause between each bite. Try not to overfill your fork and don't eat until you've finished your last bite.
  • Become more active, enjoy your workouts, increasing your activity will burn extra calories and promote lean tissue. It is estimated that walking up 2 flights of stairs every day instead of using the lift would account for 6 lbs of fat loss per year in the average man.
  • Don't expect overnight success! It is better to make small, sustained changes in your exercise and eating habits. Small changes that become part of your daily routine are more likely to show benefits over a period of time. Remember, it takes a long time to build up your extra inches, it will take some time to reduce them also...

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Definition starts in the kitchen. Change your basic diet, increase your protein intake.
Add an effective combination of strength and endurance exercises in your club workout — and you will reach your goal.


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